Three big mistakes you should avoid when your child is 10 year old…


Karthick is 15 years old. From 5th Grade onwards he scored consistently above 80% marks in all the monthly test, term exams, and board exams. But now he faces his biggest problem in life. He struggles to understand when he reads new reading materials. He is unable to communicate in demanding situations. Most importantly, he is not interested in learning new things. The curiosity for learning is simply missing. When you are not learning new programs; not able to communicate and not creative enough, finding a job and building a career is going to be difficult.

But how come parents could not aware of this? Why in schools didn’t they measure the skills of curiosity, communication, and creativity, which are important for building a successful career?

As a parent, we are committing three important mistakes when our child is studying in high school.

First mistake

We all believe if our child scores consistently above 60 % in monthly, term and annual exams, he is progressing well. But these school tests are not measuring your child skills. They measure the ability to reproduce content from the textbook. High marks in exam have nothing to do with better career prospects. It is the skills like curiosity to learn new things, creative ability to solve conflicts, communicative ability to work with the global team make a successful career.

Second mistake

Being not aware of the skills necessary to succeed in career and life is next big mistake we commit. Your child is 12 years old. Can he talk to an expert for solving a bug in python programming? Can he find a suitable course for learning about furniture design by searching in the Udemy and reviewing the course feedback from users? Can he solve a logistic problem in your family tour itinerary with a creative solution?  World and technology are changing fast.  Students with creative ability and curiosity to learn new things, collaborate with world team will succeed than students who can know only to score mare in school tests. Understand the skills necessary for building a better career.

Third mistake

After being aware of the shortcomings of marks and importance of the skills, the third mistake is not taking any steps to develop these important skills. How to know the progress of the child in these four skills?

If you have a child in the age group of 9 to 15, it is time to measure these skills. Check it by taking a Miyav Test.


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