What are the ways to teach mathematics to children in an interesting way?

A parent asked an intriguing question on Quora and the answer is reproduced here.

Instead of focussing on “teaching” mathematics to children, create different ways and methods so that that children learn mathematical concepts. One method we do is providing a set of interesting day to day problems. For an 11-year-old child, we provide the following situations.

  1. Can you find screen size to fit for this window?
  2. Can you find the thickness of a single sheet of paper of a book?
  3. Can you calculate the actual road distance between two cities by studying the given map(scale ratio is given)?
  4. Can you mark rectangle line on the ground? (Use Pythagoras tribles)
  5. Can you drive a generic formula/equation for finding the volume of water in overhead tank given the pumping rate and draining rate?
  6. Can you find predict population your town based on last decade data?
  7. Can you estimate the amount of water used by a family for flushing the toilet?
  8. Can you figure out the length of rope needed to tie together 20 pencils?
  9. Can you develop your own soduku or similar puzzles?
  10. Can you derive any relation between weight and hip size of an adult?

Usually, we give 3 to 4 days for children to figure out the answer with “teacher” just facilitating the discovery. Hope you will get some inspiration.

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