How to do wonders for your child by spending 30 minutes every day?

We all have a busy life. We hardly find time to spend with our children. Even if we find the time, we don’t know how to spend time. Lot of us forget ways to play with our child.

Can we develop some important life skills for our child by spending 20 to 30 minutes every day? Here is a simple and effective tool that helps to play with your child and develop two important life skills: imagination and creativity.

Simply download the free book and start following the exercises given in it. There are seven exercises and they have proven to develop imagination and creativity of children in our client schools. Remember the golden rules. Spend 20 to 30 minutes every day. Every day take one exercise and do the particular activity with your kid.  While doing the activity, observe the child calmly and try to understand the child. Be careful about not to impose your thoughts and ideas. Imagination and creativity flourish in an environment, where children are free to make mistakes and children are encouraged to come up with unique ideas.

Here is the book 7-easy-ways-to-develop-life-skills-for-your-child/


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