Your child is not learning one important skill. Are you aware of it?

 Is planning important?

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We human beings forget to plan our day to day works due to our extreme power of laziness and lack of understanding about the benefits of planning. And, so technology gave birth to apps to plan our everyday. Still are we planning it in a healthier and accurate way? No. Only if you’re a DIYer (Do It Yourself); you’re a professional life planner. You can give out a perfect punctual vision to execute simple and creative ideas through planning skills. Your work speaks for your planning map. It gives your ins and outs of inner hidden talents.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hour sharpening the axe.
– Abraham Lincoln, former U.S. President

 How important is planning?

Planning your work is the first step in effective management. It makes you look ahead and plan what to do and when. It makes your task simpler and easier. The most important skill for every student is planning skill through which we could identify his/her ability to produce clear targets, diversified thinking, working with the subject, formulating problems, finding information, discovering their interests. This is the ideal age for the kids to enrapture themselves under their power of observation.

It helps to think deeper through the steps needed to complete a task before beginning it.

What does Planning skill develop?

When we start to focus on planning skill, we could get a good attitude which is very important in our society, as being a self-starter, being able to finish work on time, working well with fellow classmates, and understanding the needs, interest to organize an event oneself, brings lots of responsibility and energy. The basic skill to lead a successful life ahead. Every kid has got their own style of planning. Let’s watch and feel proud of our kids planning skill. The king of jungle plans keenly before catching its prey to have a good meal for the day. The man of the house plans perfectly in his financial and personal holds to lead a smooth and simple life. A mother plans 3 times of healthy meal for her kid. So, what is needed to improve my child&s success? Nothing but PLANNING

Even god has got his own planned schedule to experiment with us every day. So, come let’s spend some time in planning as, it gives back 100 percent return on energy.

Here is the free resource to help your child to do weekend planning. Download Weekend Planner


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