When teachers say “Your child is stupid”, This is what you should do

When teachers say “Your child is stupid”, don’t feel saddened. Try to understand the understand child in a more holistic manner and dig deep into his problems. Normally schools and teacher should do this for you. Rather than blaming you for your child’s performance, a wise teacher should understand the child and try to find a solution to the issues. If the teacher fails to do that, as a parent you can do cause analysis.

Let us list factors that block learning.

  1. Lack of interest on the subject/content
  2. Social and emotional conditions
  3. Food and sleep patterns (low energy level)
  4. Lack of neuron connectivity in the brain

All four are important in contributing the learning blockages, we will discuss about the fourth point in this blog. The remaining three factors we will discuss in the next blog post.

Everybody comes with the same brain, but what makes it super brain is the amount and complexity of neuron connections. During the first eight years of child growth, billions of neuron connections develop rapidly. The neuron connections develop primarily because of body movement. So when your body moves in a variety of complex patterns, you are forming a super brain. If you observe an infant deeply, you can see, the different their leg, hand, and other body part movement. Doctors call it reflexes of muscles and each of the reflexes is very important for learning to sit, stand, walk, turn and run. They also important for speech development and other cognitive development.

So then what should I do improve my child’s brain function and make it a super brain? Simple. Create and do a set of physical exercises that develop the neuron connections. Reachers call it smart moves or brain gym. They are the easiest and powerful method to improve the learning for your child. We collected such important exercises and the benefits of doing it in the book. You can download the book exercises for kids here start moving smartly.


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