8 most inspiring movies/documentaries to watch with your child

Grit means passion and persistence for the long-term goal. It requires regular practice to develop the quality of grit. Only a patient person with strong determination can achieve his goal by grit.

When a child learns to stand up and tries to walk, he is found to fall down again and again. And by nature and instinct, he gets up, and again tries to step forward, although again he falls down. But ultimately, he succeeds in walking. The same thing had once happened with each one of us when we were children.

Similarly, in spite of his repeated failures, a man having perseverance does not admit his defeat. He tries again and again, and finally attains success. A persevering person is one who has tremendous self-confidence, determination, and untiring energy to continue till the last, without expressing dissatisfaction.

Grit is the secret of success. Without it, no great achievement is possible. Even if a person is not very talented, nor highly knowledgeable, but of an average merit, still he can succeed in life simply by his perseverance.

So, it is a note to parents that rather than just offering all the goodwill to your son/daughter but also motivate them one of the most important character strengths and life skills that a son/daughter can develop. Movies/documentaries are a great tool for character development. They can explore important life lessons and help reinforce messages we're trying to teach our children.

We put together a list of great movies which demonstrate a growth mindset and qualities such as grit, perseverance, courage, and determination.
Download the free resource which is having the list of movies that reinforces the character strength of your son/daughter.


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