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The one attitude school won’t teach to your child

William Damon, the author of “The path to Purpose” says “Purpose is the number one, long-term motivator in life. Today 80% of high school kids can be categorized as not having any purpose; they are comprising of students motivated but lacking a plan, being active but lacking direction, and being neither active nor forward-thinking.” A […]

When teachers say “Your child is stupid”, This is what you should do

When teachers say “Your child is stupid”, don’t feel saddened. Try to understand the understand child in a more holistic manner and dig deep into his problems. Normally schools and teacher should do this for you. Rather than blaming you for your child’s performance, a wise teacher should understand the child and try to find a […]

How to do wonders for your child by spending 30 minutes every day?

We all have a busy life. We hardly find time to spend with our children. Even if we find the time, we don’t know how to spend time. Lot of us forget ways to play with our child. Can we develop some important life skills for our child by spending 20 to 30 minutes every […]

What are the ways to teach mathematics to children in an interesting way?

A parent asked an intriguing question on Quora and the answer is reproduced here. Instead of focussing on “teaching” mathematics to children, create different ways and methods so that that children learn mathematical concepts. One method we do is providing a set of interesting day to day problems. For an 11-year-old child, we provide the following […]

activities for kids

Download learning activities for kids Children learn when they seek answers for questions arisen from their mind. Children are curious to know about the world. But many of them may not be aware of the art of asking questions to understand the world. In this book, we carefully selected four different activities to stimulate curiosity, […]

puzzles for kids

Download free puzzles for kids Children love puzzles. What if we add some mathematics and science concepts into puzzles and make it interesting for kids. This book, puzzle for kids has fourteen puzzles carefully selected from our learning modules and other sources. The maths puzzles are designed as a good introduction to the concepts in Algebra, […]

Three big mistakes you should avoid when your child is 10 year old…

  Karthick is 15 years old. From 5th Grade onwards he scored consistently above 80% marks in all the monthly test, term exams, and board exams. But now he faces his biggest problem in life. He struggles to understand when he reads new reading materials. He is unable to communicate in demanding situations. Most importantly, he […]

What books should I buy for my son who is interested in planets and space?

This is the question asked by a parent recently and the post below is a follow-up to my answer on Quora. Books are the easiest way to start introduction about any topics. It will give children intrigue questions, thoughts to know more about the topic. But there are further steps a parent and child should take to […]

Why doesn’t India have MIT, Harvard?

Last week there was an interesting debate in Quora on “Why doesn’t India have universities like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard?” The most voted answer for this question came from Raj Dandekar, an IITian himself.  The summary of his answer is as follows. Students contribute to the growth of the institution. In MITs, Stanford students are […]