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Do you teach this one important life skill every innovator had to your child?

We often look at something but rarely see it. We often listen but rarely hear; we often touch a thing without feeling it. When will we notice things deeply?    When we actively engage in the world with full consciousness, we start noticing tiniest details. When American Express chairmen went to Europe, he saw that travelers have a tough time in encasing […]

The one attitude school won’t teach to your child

William Damon, the author of “The path to Purpose” says “Purpose is the number one, long-term motivator in life. Today 80% of high school kids can be categorized as not having any purpose; they are comprising of students motivated but lacking a plan, being active but lacking direction, and being neither active nor forward-thinking.” A […]

What books should I buy for my son who is interested in planets and space?

This is the question asked by a parent recently and the post below is a follow-up to my answer on Quora. Books are the easiest way to start introduction about any topics. It will give children intrigue questions, thoughts to know more about the topic. But there are further steps a parent and child should take to […]