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Brain Gym Exercise for kids

Brain Gym

Our children's brain development closely connected with the physical movement of the body. By doing certain exercises, you can activate the particular part of the brain. For example, if your child is  lack of focus and restlessness, you can do certain activities such as Hook-ups, The energy yawn, Lazy 8 for hands etc.,
Brain Buttons
Recommended/Remedial for - Left-right body balance (hips not torqued, head not
tilted). An enhanced energy level, slow reading issues.

Function: Sending messages from the right brain hemisphere to the left side of the body,
and vice versa. Stimulates the carotid artery for increased blood supply to the brain. An
increased flow of electromagnetic energy. 

How to do? - The Brain Buttons (soft tissue under the collarbone to the left and right
of the breastbone) are massaged deeply with one hand while holding the navel with the
other hand. The participant stimulates these points for twenty to thirty seconds, or until
any tenderness is released. The Brain Buttons may be tender at first; over a few days to a
week, the tenderness subsides. Then, even holding the points will activate them.

Variations: The participant may change hands to activate both brain hemispheres. Rather
then holding the navel, massage the points to the left and right of it.

Cross Crawl
Recommended for: Delayed reading skills, restlessness, unbalanced movements/postures.

Function: Cross Crawl accesses both brain hemispheres simultaneously, and stimulates
receptive as well as expressive hemispheres of the brain, facilitating integration.

How to do? - In this contra-lateral exercise, similar to walking in place, the participant
alternately moves one arm and its opposite leg alternately touching each hand to the
opposite knee.

Cross Crawl as you sit, moving opposite arm and leg together.
* To improve focus, do a slow-motion Cross Crawl.
* To improve balance, Cross Crawl with your eyes closed.
* To alleviate visual stress, skip or bounce lightly between each Cross Crawl.
* Continue to 90 days for showing signs of improvement.

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