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Learning activities for kids at home
to impart thinking skills

Learning activities for kids
Learning activities for kids at home to impart thinking skills. Children are curious to know about the world. But many of them may not be aware of the art of asking questions to understand the world. In this book, we carefully selected four different activities to stimulate curiosity, creative thinking, critical thinking and problem-solving skills of children.
Activities for kindergarteners
Here is a simple and effective method to develop two important life skills: Imagination and Creativity for kindergarten learners. Children have the ability to come up with wildly imaginative ideas when asked to do so. But we don’t give many chances to do this. In this book, we carefully selected seven exercises to develop imagination and creativity. 
Mathematical activities for kids
What if we add some mathematics and science concepts into puzzles and make it interesting for kids. This book, puzzle for kids has fourteen puzzles carefully selected from our learning modules and other sources. The maths puzzles are designed as a good introduction to the concepts in Algebra, geometry. Science puzzles are provided to expose the higher concepts of atoms, machines and logical thinking.
Recommended for Creative Thinking skills
Thinking tools
for creative kids (LEVEL 1, 2 & 3)