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Science Experiments for Kids

“The best leaders are not coming up with answers; they are coming up with great questions.”
-Tim Brown

Why your child needs ”Science Experiments for Kids” book?

Making your child ask intriguing questions is a good skill and in this book, we help the child to train their mind to ask questions.
Using simple household things, your child can do wonderful science experiments. Eight such experiments are given here.
Using the questions given here as a tool, your child can start thinking differently.

How to use the ”Science Experiments for Kids” book?

Each science experiment begins with a curious question. Try to answer the question by doing the experiments scientifically.
Use the materials and experiment to achieve the result. If the result is not coming, keep trying.
Parents can allow the child to experiment without imposing their ideas. If the child asks for help, the parent can help the child to reflect back.
Recommended for Creative Thinking skills
Thinking tools
for creative kids (LEVEL 1, 2 & 3)